Certified Diver

15885814_2013_1_download image009Diving Certified Means that you already have at least your PADI Open Water or any equivalent diving certification. If you do not have any we encourage you to go in the Course section and discover our certification course.

We provides Day trips to Redang Island ( 350 Rm), Umbrella Reef (350 Rm), and Awazisan Marun (350 Rm).

We also provide Fun dive package :

  • 3 Fun dives 210 Rm
  • 5 Fun dives 325 Rm
  • 8 Fun dives 480 Rm
  • (all also available with accommodations on the Package section)

Diving Sites (click one to have the description or scroll down to see them all !) :

DSC_0306 DSC_0304 DSC_0307 DSC_0350 DSC_0338
 DSC_0343  DSC_0342  DSC_0337  DSC_0352  DSC_0341
 DSC_0349  DSC_0340  DSC_0310  DSC_0313  DSC_0344
 DSC_0351  DSC_0305

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASugar Wreck: 10-18 meters- MV Union Star 17, a 90 meter long cargo ship from South Africa sunk in 2000. The Wreck is home to razor fish, snappers, and lionfish Price: 85 Rm

Tiger Rock (T3): 0-20 meters- This dive site is perfect for macro life. There are a lots of swim throughs between the rocks. Whale Shark can be seen here Price: 75 Rm


Tokong Laut (Temple of the sea): 0-24 meters-This site is famous during whale shark season. You can also see bamboo shark scorpion fish and spiny devilfish Price: 85 Rm


Seabell Rock: 6-18 meters- Really nice coral garden, a lot of hard and whip coral. Turtle, snapper, puffer fish,scribbled filefish, and razorfish can be seen here Price: 75 Rm

Umbrella Reef: 20-24 meters (2 dives) – This is a secret dive site, which not many guides know. Only Advanced Open Water and higher can go there. You can see big schools of fish like barracuda, snapper, sweet lips, trevally, grouper, and giant morey elis Price: 250 Rm

-211 -69 20Shark Point: 3-18 meters- Here you can see black tip reef shark, hawksbill turtle, spiny devilfish, giant puffer fish, yellow boxfish, trevally, cleaner box shrimp and fimbriated moray eel.Price: 75 Rm

D’Lagoon: 5-16 meters-A flat, white sandy bottom, and always good conditions. Many humpheadparrot fish, hawksbill turtle, cuttlefish, and Jenkins stingray.Price: 75 Rm

Tanjung Basi: 5-40 meters- Nice hard corals in the shallow water and a rocky terrain a bit deeper. There are lots of titan and yellow margin trigger fish.Price: 75 Rm

Romantic Beach: 5-16 meters- Really nice shoreline. If you swim into the sand you can find blue ring octopus. back on the shoreline turtles, giant puffer fish, batfish, pipefish and lionfish can be foundPrice: 75 Rm

Rawa Island: 5-18 meters- A selection of nice hard corals that can only be seen here. Grouper, snapper, angelfish, trevally, nudibranch and fusilier can also be found there. Price: 75 Rm

Tanjung Butong: 14-40 meters- This is a deep pinnacle different from anywhere else on Perhentian. Many moray eels, green and hawksbill turtles, whipe and hard coral. Price: 75 Rm

Tokong Burung: 8-18 meters-There is a really nice coral here, but not so many fish. Although can still see schools of yellow and blue fusilier, grouper, baracuda, scorpion fish and tiger cowrie. Price: 75 Rm

Tungkas Laut: 16-22 meters- Nice macro life, and trevally, grouper, snapper, yellow box fish, pipe fish, blue spotted ray, diamond fish and humphead parrotfish. Price: 75 Rm

Police Wreck: 10-19 meters- Three indentical old police fast boats, 40 meter long, were sunk on 18 of july 2012. Although the wrecks are recent many barracuda have started to live there, anemones are growing on the walls, and jenkins stingray, zebra lionfish, sweet lip and clown fish can be found there. Price: 75 Rm

Batu Nisan: 1-16 meters- Nice sandy bottom, colourfull with hard coral and many puffer fish, blue spotted stingray and white eyed moray eel. Price: 75 Rm

Tungkas Darat: 8-18 meters- Here you can see moray eel, turtle, snapper, long fin banner fish, cleaner shrimp, porcupine fish, star puffer fish and yellow boxfish. Price: 75 Rm

Sea Bell: 5-18 meters- A really nice coral garden with scorpion fish, pipe fish, blue spotted sting ray, porcupine fish, spiny devilfish, snapper, grouper, razor fish and more. Price: 75 Rm

Vietnamese Wreck: 24 meters- Sunk in 1976, this american fast boat is covered by soft corals. There are barracuda, nudibranch, sweetlips, stonefish, and kuhl’s stingray. Price: 75 Rm

Redang Island: 540 meters- ( 2 dives)  It takes about 1 hour to get there but the coral is amazing. You can see many hawksbill turtle, green turtle, cuttlefish, squid, moorish idol, giant moray eel, leopard shark, black tip reef shark and great barracuda. Price: 300 Rm


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