Here are all the available courses with corresponding prices, click one to have more details. Course marked with this symbol (*) are also available in the package section with accommodation.

Course Name Formation Duration Price
Bubble Maker 2 hours 180 Rm
Discover Scuba Diving 2 hours 200 Rm
Scuba Review 2 hours 150 Rm
Open Water * 3 or 4 days 990 Rm
Advanced Open Water * 2 days 1000 Rm
Emergency First Responder Half a day 350 Rm
Rescue * 3 or 4 days 1000 Rm
DiveMaster 4 week minimum, 40 logged dive to start 3700 Rm
Speciality Depend of the speciality 600 Rm to 2000 Rm

Bubble MakerFrom 8 years-2 hours-180 Rm

Their first experience of breathing underwater in full scuba gear. They will go with an instructor who will hold them just below the surface ( maximum 2 meters) and point out the different fish.

Discover Scuba Diving2 hours-maximum depth 12 meter-200 Rm

Never dive before ? Do you want to know what it is like to breathe underwater and feel like an astronaut ?

You will start the course with your instructor explaining the basics to you, going through the equipment you will use and what you will do and see during the dive.

We have a selection of dive sites suitable for new divers, including Batu Nisan, D’Lagoon and Tanjung Basi.

Once at the dive site the boat will drop you off in water you can stand in. Here you will go over a few skills before swimming into deeper water to admire the wide selection of fish and corals.

Scuba Review2 hours- 150 Rm

Been more than 6 month since your last dive ? That’s ok you just need to do a short quiz to refresh your knowledge. Then at the beginning of your dive you will go over a few of the skills you learnt during your open water course. Don’t worry this is not a test and your Dive Master will help you with anything you have forgotten.

Open Water 3 or 4 Days-Maximum depth 18 meters-990 Rm

Ready to become a diver ? On completion of this 3 day course you will be able to dive anywhere in the world, to a maximum of 18 meters. The course will teach you a number of skills used in every day diving. You will also learn all of the theory behind the sport, and complete your first 4 open water dives.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  • Theory chapter 1-3
  • Confined water 1
  • Open water dive 1
  • Theory chapter 4-5
  • Confined water 2-5
  • Open water dive 2
  • Open water dive 3-4
  • Final exam

Advanced Open Water2 days-Maximum depth 30m-900 Rm

Complete deep dive, navigation and any other 3 adventure dives and become an Advanced Open Water Diver. This allows you to dive many more sites.

Available Adventure Dive:

  • Deep Dive: Go to 30 meters and explore new places
  • Navigation: How to find your way around a dive site
  • Fish Id: How to identify fish by shape, colour and pattern
  • Multi Level and Computer: How to use a dive computer to plan and control your dive
  • Night Dive: See different marine life by torch life
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy: Improve your Buoyancy
  • Search and Recovery: What to do if you lose something
  • Underwater Naturalist: Identify corals and fishes
  • Underwater Photography: Document your dive with still images
  • Underwater Videography: Document your dive with moving images
  • Wreck: Explore a different underwater world

Emergency First Responder 1/2 Day-350 Rm

The standard First Aid course needed before you can start your Rescue Diver Course. This is a land based course, where you go over what to do if someone is feeling ill, hurt or is found unconscious.

Rescue-3 to 4 Days-1000 Rm

Lost your buddy ? What would you do ?

This course cover many scenario where  you will learn how to rescue a panicked diver from the surface, search for and recover an unconscious diver and calm down a stressed diver under the water.

Dive Master-Minimum 4 weeks-need 40 logged dives to start-3700 Rm

Really love diving ? think you could do it every day ?

The Dive Master is the first professional level of diving. The course is very flexible about how you want to do it, and the time you take to complete it.

You will learn how to demonstrate all of the skills you learnt during your open water, how to successfully guide certified divers around dive sites, and what to do if they have problems. You will complete theory sessions, workshops, swim tests, exams and assist intructors with a number of courses.

Once you have completed the course you will be able work as a divemaster for any dive school in the world, taking certified divers on fun dives and conducting scuba reviews


We have 4 permanent speciality formations which are described below. Other speciality could also be available depending on the current crew. To know if a speciality will be available during your stay send us a message through the Contact page.

Permanent specialties Courses:

Underwater Photography:

  • 1 Day 2 Dives 650 Rm

This a short introduction to underwater photography where you will learn how to clean and set up a camera and underwater housing. Then work on composition white balance, manual settings and flash underwater. You will finish the day with a short review session of the image you have taken.

  • 3 Days 5 Dives 1500 Rm

This course allows more time to practice the skills covered in the 1 day course. You will also learn some basic editing techniques, and look at other photographer work for inspiration.

For the final dive you can choose one of the following specialities; fish, coral, people, silhouettes, seascapes, macro.

  • 5 Days 8 Dives 2000 Rm

Same as the 3 day course but learn more detailed editing techniques and can choose 4 of the specialities

Wreck Speciality 4 dives 600 Rm

  • 1st Dive you go to see the area and the wreck (like a fun dive)
  • 2nd Dive you go for mapping and measuring the wreck underwater
  • 3rd Dive practice for wreck penetration now entering the wreck !
  • 4ft Dive Learn how to get out from the wreck in case of low or out of air .

Deep dive speciality: 3 Dives 600 Rm

  • 1st Day you will dive down to 20 meters
  • 2nd Day you will dive down to 30 meters !
  • 3rd Day you will dive down to 40 meters !!



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